Cody’s Build-a-Butt Workshop



My flagship female aesthetics-focused strength training program!! 2 phases, and 8 weeks of programmed strength training 100% focused on building your butt, your strength, and your confidence delivered to you with follow along app guidance, video tutorials, and cueing!

This program intelligently trains the 3 parts of your glutes: glute maximus, medius, and minimus by utilizing multiple rep ranges, intensities, movement patterns, planes of motion, ideal exercise selection, and multiple training days to allow your physique to take on a whole new shape.

rIn addition to your glutes, you’ll bolster your surrounding quadriceps and hamstrings, strengthen your core, maximize major movements of the upper body, and burn body fat.

What you’ll receive:

  • 8 weeks of the best programmed training you’ve ever experienced
  • app-delivered exercise tutorials, guidance, and metric tracking
  • the ability to just train, relax, and trust the process because it’s all done for you (all you’ve gotta do is do it!) 
  • a pdf guide outlining everything from rest periods, how close to take training to failure, progress photos, equipment needed, and app usage
  • the best training variations specifically for glute development: hip thrusts and multiple variants, reverse lunges, back squats, glute-focused low back extensions etc.
  • Modified tempos to enhance and progress your lifts while emphasizing the target muscles
  • 2 optional active recovery mobility days to aid muscle soreness and range of motion, further increasing the effectiveness of your training
  • access to Coach Cody for coaching guidance, critiques, and hilarious butt puns
  • A lifetime of adoration from Cody himself

*After purchase, we’ll personally reach out and deliver your welcome pdf and get you ready for your in-app training!


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