Crossfit is a training modality that has radically changed the landscape of fitness. The fitness industry, and exercise in general hasn’t seen such a movement take hold in such a way as getting as many people moving, and interested in moving as Crossfit has. 

Like everything, there will be pros and cons, and in regards to Crossfit I think there is context that must be shared because for some it provides more drawbacks than benefits, and I want everyone to make educated decisions before a fitness endeavor leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. 

For general population folks like you and I, who aim to be healthy, look phenomenal, be strong and functional for whatever their day hurls at them, and have longevity of all of the aforementioned, I have some critiques. 

In this episode I describe my 5 Crossfit critiques and give context as to why I have those critiques, and I also point of benefits of Crossfit, because there is no sense in bastardizing a method of fitness that has been so revolutionary. Stay tuned for some hilarious recounts of my Crossfit experiences!

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