This is a landmark episode, as it’s the “Dirty Dozen” episode, and it’s the first podcast recorded in the studio!

My apologies for the sound quality, but it’s a beautiful thing.

Here are today’s topics:

How to go about your first diet break – what is it, how to plan for it, and what you should be monitoring.

Unilateral vs. bilateral training –  should we do both, why do I have such a strong argument for unilateral training, what its’ benefits are, and how to implement both on a session to session basis.

If you’ve been mildly trying to bulk, with no success – what’re the mechanisms at play preventing your gains, what to do for a simple bulk, without eating twice as much food, and compromising food quality, and making sure you’re training is conducive to the bulk!

How I cook for my kids, and how they eat – I get asked about this quite a bit, and it might not be what you expected! I even go into my philosophy on parenting a bit, and how it’s molded my coaching.

1:25 What Is A Diet Break, And How Do You Schedule It?
8:14 Tracking Biofeedback
10:47 Bilateral VS. Unilateral Training
15:16 Danger of Imbalances
22:09 Trying to Bulk, But Not Gaining?
30:00 How I Cook For My Kids

Thanks for listening, as always!

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