In this episode I cover goal setting, in particularly setting goals when you have functional strength, and cardio goals simultaneously. We all have a certain capacity for progress, so overly-focusing on both will likely result in nominal gains on either end, yet focusing on 1 primarily, and the other secondarily will serve us best. Then I cover how to approach bringing up lagging muscle groups; my strategies, and the best methods to use to be sure you’re gaining your symmetry!

2:15 – Goal Setting

3:02 – Goal Setting for Functional Strength AND Cardio

3:45 – Pick One Main Focus

3:55 – Crossfit Popularized “Concurrent Training”

5:50 – Think Long Term, Stick to 80/20

8:54 – LISS/Steps for Cardio as Secondary Goal

12:06 – Hire A Coach

13:40 – Lagging Body Parts

17:00 – Train the Weak Links First/More Frequently

18:42 – Junk Volume VS Quality Volume