In this episode, we begin our “Understanding Exercise” series with Part 1: Movement Patterns.

I break down which categories common exercises would fall under, to help you understand exercise and see that everything you do inside of a training environment has options.

In order to take our training, our health, our physiques, and our education further, we must understand why we have such exercises. To understand patterns of movement necessary for health, progression, and physique, means better results, more options, and more fun.

3:22 – Understanding Exercise

4:42 – Movement Patterns

6:30 – Push

9:12 – Pull

9:45 – Shoulder Health In Regards to Horizontal/Vertical Pushing & Pulling (+pull continued)

14:04 – Squat/Knee Dominant

15:24 – Lunge

19:01 – Hinge/Hip Dominant

20:34 – Carry/Core

22:22 – Carries

22:58 – Core Overview

23:28 – Flexion Core Training

24:30 – “Anti” Movement Core Training (primary function)

26:25 – Anti-Extension Core Training

29:35 – Anti-Rotation Core Training

34:03 – Anti-Lateral Flexion Core Training

38:15 – Part 2: Energy Systems

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