In our very first (legit) episode, I dive into caffeine sensitivity and supplements for energy and focus, my perspective on refeed meals, why sleds are so popular right now, and mindset for (or not) change.

Thank you again for listening, I’m excited to get better with each and every episode, along with you.

1:20 – Question 1: “I’m sensitive to caffeine, what do you recommend for energy and focus?”

12:40 – Question 2: “I have trouble eating balanced without overeating, can I instead implement refeed meals weekly instead?”

21:24 – Question 3: “Why are sleds so popular?”

28:02 – Question 4: “I want to change, because I’m upset with how I look because I know I’ve been slacking, but I can’t find the motivation. Thoughts?”

Thank you again x1000 for listening!

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