My name is Cody Gualtieri (but I’ve adopted the name codytoofit).

I have a lovely fiancé and 2 terribly adorable monkey daughters named Laney, and Piper. I’ve been a Fitness Professional for 6 years, and I’ve been a test subject for about 11 years.

I’m here to educate, entertain, and encapsulate my experiences surrounding Health & Fitness from a professionals standpoint, and from an enthusiast’s standpoint.

I’ll be writing about current fitness trends and fads, as well as to educate on commonly misconstrued topics. This blog is as much your blog as it is mine. Most of my content is derived from client, friend, family, and followers questions and comments, and I prefer it that way. Entertainment will come by way of me being completely transparent, and not sounding like a fit-bot (so if I say some dumb shit, my bad).

I’m a Father, and that has drastically changed my approach to Health & Fitness. I’d love to connect with more Moms and Dads, as I feel I’m quite a useful source of crash-test-dummy insight. I’m also a foolish millennial, so of course I want to talk shit to my flock.