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The ‘Big 3’ for Success In 2021

Follow these 3 rules, and they will provide you with lasting change, growth, and results.

We all need some clarity, and something to work towards; something to improve upon.

Goals. A reason to make the changes we toil over and hyper-focus on.

A new year is sexy in that regard; a ‘clean slate.’

Here are the ‘Big 3’ to know and follow going forward if this is going to be a year of change for you:

1. You Don’t Need Motivation

2. Plan Ahead & Plan to Fail

3. Enjoy the Process

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Personal Training

I offer in-person and online personal training, exercise programming, and accountability.

Online Coaching

Online/Remote training with me is as “in person” as it gets, training plans, workouts, and programming.

Nutrition Coaching

I am a certified nutrition coach, but I have no fad diets to thrust upon you.

Hybrid Coaching

Fitness, and nutrition, we can combine the necessary tools in the toolbox for optimal results.