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Ep. 35. Building Your Home Gym

In this episode I talk about building your home gym! From choosing the right row machine, dumbbells, accessories, and must-haves for optimally outfitting your ideal home gym!

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Personal Training

The workout routine, the programming, the exercise selection, the form, the rest periods, the progressive overload, the mobility drills – everything individualized specifically for you. PERSONAL training.

Online Coaching

I’m your coach in your pocket. App-delivered individual training programs, nutrition coaching, lifestyle modification, weekly check ins, and 24/7 access and accountability to keep those promises to yourself, your body, and your health.

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Nutrition Coaching

Good news: all diets work. Bad news: all diets work.

What creates the body and the health you want and keeps it progressing for the rest of your life? Understanding yourself, and understanding the best diet for you. That’s how I coach; you as an individual!

Hybrid Coaching

In person, online, training, nutrition – however you want to combine it up, I have a way to meet you in the middle.