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Ep. 11: Alcohol & Your Fitness

Can we really train with intent, eat like an educated adult, and still enjoy ourselves at our pleasure all while getting the results we’re after? We can, and I go in-depth today about how to do just that, with alcohol and fitness.

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Are You Missing the Goal of Training and Nutrition?

Saying you want to be a healthier person, but becoming negatively-obsessive with hyper-restriction and punishing exercise is missing the forest for the trees. Training: imperative for health, fitness, quality of life, longevity, mood, esteem, and your ability to manipulate your body comfortably throughout your days.

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Ep. 10: How 2020 Has Led to Increased Gains (Blogcast)

2020 has been been…thrilling…thus far, but amidst all this chaos, I have received some variation of the following question, and I believe it’s time to review: “How come I’m progressing, even though all signs should point to the opposite?”

I elaborate on how the situation we’re in, has led to many people seeing the best results with training and nutrition they’ve ever experienced.

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Personal Training

I offer in-person and online personal training, exercise programming, and accountability.

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Online/Remote training with me is as “in person” as it gets, training plans, workouts, and programming.

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I am a certified nutrition coach, but I have no fad diets to thrust upon you.

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Fitness, and nutrition, we can combine the necessary tools in the toolbox for optimal results.